Art for the heart – going down the memory lane


The world as many knew has ended and personally I hope a real awakening will take place. An awakening where we all strive to be authentic and real. There are as lot of things to be angry about but this isn’t a new phenomenon. What has changed is that we have access to information like never before and the real difference is that the direction of the world is suddenly actually affecting the comfortable white (and other) middle class and the change is knocking on our own door. The best thing we can do is to take extra time and be observant of the people around us, start sharing of what we’ve got and what we know. Take time to listen even if we may not agree. Self care needs to move up on our agenda as if we don’t look after our self we aren’t going to be able to be fully present. I’m off on a little retreat doing exactly this and I will most probably at times be outside of my comfort zone where I will have to trust my own ability and join in the programme.

Here is lovely little art exercise which can be done anywhere – just make sure you pick your art material before moving on to the next page.

  1. Choose the art material you want to work with – be it paints and brushes, clay, Fimo, spices or pens but make sure it is something you’re fairly familiar with.
  2. Find a comfortable spot for yourself and your chosen art material; the floor, a chair by the table, inside or out in your garden.
  3. Click on this link in order to continue to the next step

August Artprint Gifting & Art Market at Spitalfields


It’s time for the August Art Exhibition at Spitalfields Market starting on Thursday the 30th of July and runs to Sunday the 2nd of August, 10am – 5pm every day as usual. This time though I’m going to celebrate with a monthly give away! The print up for grabs is the “Life’s a Hammock” a signed and numbered limited edition screen-print. I’ve been pondering about this for a while as  I do only want to give prints that I truly love but I am also an artist who is making art for sale, to be re-housed and loved by someone else in someone else’s home. I am very happy with “Life’s a Hammock” as it’s part of “Life’s a Circus” which is a subject that I’m always going back to revisit and it’s a summer print.WEIMG_7546

To be part of my give away go to

1) “like” the page

2) “share” the page AND tag a friend OR share any of my artwork from my new Etsy shop

The winner for August will be chosen at random on the 1st of September and will be notified shortly after.

“But I don’t have Facebook!” Not to worry as you can still participate by

1) Sign up for the email subscription (top-right corner)

2) Email me and tell me why you’d like this print

Have fun and all the best of luck!

Spitalfields Monthly Art Market

Thurs 30th July – Sun 2nd Aug 2015

10am – 5pm

Disclaimer and peace of mind and heart – I will never give away your details to anyone else. I will never spam you and send you lots of emails. Remember, I’m busy creating art and changing the world around me. I will however let you know of upcoming exhibitions, my monthly give away, new work and inspirational beings.

Unstoppable Ayah Marar! I think she is

Ayah Marar

Ayah Marar is at it again, busy being brilliant and productive. I love her new style and the new music video to her latest release “Unstoppable” is great. It reminds me of one of my off-set prints of her, a happy “mistake” turned art. Of course, there is only one of them so it’s a keeper but I definitely need to explore this more. We need more colours here in London, a bit of funky fun will do!

Check back soon for funky Paperclay tutorials.

For now, do sun salutations, sun dances and check out the video below as this track is dope!

Summer, silky screens and school is out

Summer’s sunshine comes and goes, but the sunny mind’s playfulness still flows…

And a hammock always helps.

I’ve got back into screen-printing lately, its something I wanted to do for a while and an amazing opportunity arose back in April which, on a technical level made me into a bit of a master. I had to master the craft, the technicalities and mastering my mistakes as it’s really old school equipment there. Every step is by hand, the only missing method would be using the sun as a UV source. Most of my time was consumed by helping students prepare their work for the end of year exhibition. Not only screens, all kinds of requests and artistic dreams were dealt with. So as I finally reached summer holidays I started creating designs just for me. Experimenting with everything I’ve learned, which is still where I am now, playing, experimenting, having lots of fun. Here is one piece I’ve been playing with. Next up – a bit of travelling, to find that hammock.

Summery love,

Enjoy it while you can


Every artist needs a muse

The next big thing? At least for me it is.

I’ve always been inspired by music and great performers. Music whilst I paint is a must as it gets the creativity flowing and I love finding the right sound to my film projects. Editing is so much more fun when the music comes in to play.

Painting to music was a common practise during my art school years so finding myself being inspired by Ayah Marar is not surprising, but a blessing, as she has great energy and is a joy to be around.

I’ve had the fortune of experiencing Ayah perform in intimate settings going from excellent to mind blowing and seeing her followers growing by the minute. This lady delivers! When she performs she draws you in with her magnetism. Whatever the space, she’ll fill it and the space is getting bigger.

Next weekend sees her perform at the Isle of Wight Festival, so if you’re lucky enough to have scored a ticket make sure you’ll catch her.

My favorites are still her earlier acoustic as its her voice I love most, still to be release but watch that space.

In the meantime check her out, together with my illustration on

and search youtube for some of her tunes


Ask and you’ll receive

Exciting times!!! I wanted to create relationships, working connections with creative talents and I’m getting it. Left right and centre, above, under and all around. Yay!

Accountability can come in many forms and shapes and at the moment it is raining with opportunities here. Some I’ve known for a while, some are new, but they are all equally exciting.

I’ve joined an on-line art course, created and lead by Amelia Critchlow. It pushes the boundaries and me out of my comfort zone. One of the best things I’ve ever done as it somehow ends up linking with everything else I’m up to at the moment. An incredible amount of work is coming from it, even with the limited time I’ve had lately.
The creative well is flowing, with abundance – shining and smiling, bouncing right back.

The best thing though, is to share the journey with other people.

Oh, and the Summer 2011 experimental art e-course starts on Monday 27th June 2011 for 6 weeks. So join the crusade of creatives.

Make art, not war – happiness to be found somewhere between idea and a messy kitchen table.