I am an Artist Educator which means I often work with schools and in the community. Teaching, collaborating and sharing of what I’ve learned so far, I particularly enjoy inclusive and cross-curriculum projects as they requires me to go further.  I’m constantly developing through creative or other challenges as well as through my own artistic practise.

I paint a lot, usually with oil, sometimes ink, acrylic and I love watercolour. I love what paint does and how it transforms. I love colours, layering, materials which sometimes get me going in Photoshop scanning hand drawings to create multiply experimental images.

Film has also entered my creative sphere, it’s were I get to collaborate with amazing people and talented musicians. Everything I do overlaps and connects often leading to new adventures.

I work and live in London and this blog has the intention of sharing my journey but also yours. So please share, connect and comment as I believe we are all creative, yes everyone IS creative and the sooner our leaders realise this human right – the better. Or maybe not, we could do without them!?

“A life worth living is a creative life”

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