Art for the heart – going down the memory lane


The world as many knew has ended and personally I hope a real awakening will take place. An awakening where we all strive to be authentic and real. There are as lot of things to be angry about but this isn’t a new phenomenon. What has changed is that we have access to information like never before and the real difference is that the direction of the world is suddenly actually affecting the comfortable white (and other) middle class and the change is knocking on our own door. The best thing we can do is to take extra time and be observant of the people around us, start sharing of what we’ve got and what we know. Take time to listen even if we may not agree. Self care needs to move up on our agenda as if we don’t look after our self we aren’t going to be able to be fully present. I’m off on a little retreat doing exactly this and I will most probably at times be outside of my comfort zone where I will have to trust my own ability and join in the programme.

Here is lovely little art exercise which can be done anywhere – just make sure you pick your art material before moving on to the next page.

  1. Choose the art material you want to work with – be it paints and brushes, clay, Fimo, spices or pens but make sure it is something you’re fairly familiar with.
  2. Find a comfortable spot for yourself and your chosen art material; the floor, a chair by the table, inside or out in your garden.
  3. Click on this link in order to continue to the next step

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