Art for Change in Chiang Mai


Art changes lives and is a powerful tool for change. Art has always been part of my life and I knew early on that creativity was what I wanted to work with. I also realised that I’ve been healing my own broken self by using art as therapy when growing up.

 I am currently volunteering with Art Relief International in Chiang Mai, an artistic outreach organisation that works with a wide range of social groups and humanitarian organisations. One of the groups I am focusing on are a young boys drop-in centre for red-light district workers called Urban Light. We are currently working on a collaborative large scale-canvas, which will act as a backdrop for an on-going fundraising scheme that aims to supply transitional housing for them. Elliot Glotfelty is a talented singer and guitarist using his skills by performing at venues around Chiang Mai, raising money this way and this visual is going to hang in the background to support and hopefully further explain the aim. We’re taking inspiration from 2 current artists that both uses houses in their work; flying houses and houses in the air. We also want to add a fundraiser scale to show how much money have been raised so far and of course aiming to inspire more funds. The finished canvas will go up soon and I’ll add photos to this post as soon as I can. So far we Elliot has managed to raise a bit over 50 000 thai baht. The goal is currently at 200 000 as this would house 10 boys for a year.

Art Relief is a professional placement with research and development opportunities rather than traditional volunteering so I am likely to come home with new insights and ideas on how to further improve the lives of Londoners through art. We have a translator who comes with us to all of our workshops which include two Temple schools, a juvenile detention centre, an orphanage, special needs homes for adults and another one for children just to name a few. It’s a joy to work with them and see what an amazing difference creativity and connection can make. There is a lot to do at present so I will update with photos and further info next week. You can still support my own fundraising campaign either through Indiegogo or by buying art prints directly from me as I’m still a bit short of programme funds. Or simply shaer this, make some noise and help me get the word out!

More info here:

Direct link to my website: – clicking on any art image will take you directly to my online shop on Etsy. ALL SALES will go towards this project.

Direct link to my Etsy shop for art prints (the post pixies are ready for you) 

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