Always Trust Your Cape!

My cape in making
My cape in making

“He’s one of those who knows that life is just a leap of faith. Spread your arm and hold your breath, always trust your cape.” is the chorus of a beautiful song sung by Eric Bibb, a Troubadour with simple and beautiful messages with a lot of love in his songs.

Long back in December I took a break from business and joined a bunch of girls on a Sunday at the Papered Parlour. Our mission was to make a cape, or a cloak as it is advertised as, and with the expert help from fabulous Rosie Martin the most amazingly creative cloaks appeared. We had Dracula, Heidi, Classic and Sixties to name a few, all colours and styles were represented. We didn’t need to bring anything as The Papered Parlour’s workshops include all the materials. Rosie’s own The DIY Couture booklet on how to make a cloak with really easy to follow patterns was also part of the package. And so was tea and very tasty cake. I am so glad I signed up for this workshop as I learned new things but mostly I had the best time and I put a lot of love into the making of that cloak. A new year often comes with changes and improvements but I think life in general should be full of adventures and surprises. And we need to make things happen, take chances, try new things, connect with someone new, talk to a stranger and do something really nice to someone or even yourself. So folks remember to always try to trust your cape.

Happy New Year! x

Click on the links for more info The Papered ParlourDIY Couture and Rosie Martin

Listen to “The Cape” by Eric Bibb

Rosie at the Papered Parlour
Rosie at the Papered Parlour


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