Amy Winehouse on Tour

The yearly infamous art week “Konstrundan” needed a bit of fun so Amy and the flying elephants made it to Sweden. South of Sweden has long held this traditional open were people come in droves, driving from village to village, visiting galleries and open studios across Skåne.  Some buy art, others do it as an adventurous road trip and most use the opportunity to peak at peoples homes. Daniella Witte’s  Farm Boutique placed in my old hometown houses amazing design pieces so my art is in good company.

“Life’s a Hammock” is part of the Life’s a Circus series, meaning we may as well have fun on our journey and a reminder to stay lighthearted even when faced with difficulty. It is also a celebration of freedom and carefree summer living. Amy was painted years ago and it was later that I decided to make a 4 colour screen-print. I’m only releasing 5 of Amy right now as I have other plans for her. I know that her family wanted to start a trust helping teenagers with addiction and the Amy print should be part of making that dream come true. She is one of those artists that has set the tone for many projects, playing on repeat in the background. Have a peek in our Etsy shop or, if in Sweden, you can contact Daniella Witte directly.

“Amy truecolour” 4 colour screen-print on Fabriano paper £45

“Life’s a Hammock” 2 colour screen-print on studio paper £35

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