Accountability partner

To work for yourself is wonderful. It is freedom, it’s fun, exciting, challenging and it’s also daunting.

Why is this? I find it very hard when there is just me – to tell me when to work or try harder. When to try a different approach. How to become unstuck when we’re stuck. What to prioritise when there are too many little tasks to be done and which one is most important at that particular moment. To create an image, illustration for something could be what my heart wants, but my head might worry about deadlines, cash flow, on-line profiles, the taxman, the rent, the need of new shoes or the need of new clients, as assignments are often like busses, they all come at once. And then…there is nothing

I often don’t know if an image or a painting will be of importance until after I created it. It’s the life after my work has finished that give it life through other people and events.

To make it easier one needs to connect with other people, all kinds of people. Connect through creativity and exploration as this creates accountability. It’s easier to see a project to the finishing line by creating a way of being accountable for it and the way to do this is by making sure there are other people who are on the receiving end but whop also bounces the ball back. We don’t want to stop that ball of creativity, we want to see it bouncing back and forth, up and down and to the left, right, get it?

Other times, we need to know when to stop bouncing. When it’s time to save that energy for something else. When something isn’t working and should be left, for a while or forever. An accountability partner is what we all need to know when to bounce and to know when to rest.

There are many great accounts on this subject online that you can find if you search.

Kesha Bruce is an incredibly inspiring personality and artist who talks about this subject of accountability and I particularly like her posts. Follow the link and follow your heart, but don’t do it all alone. Stay connected xL

Kesha Bruce – Why you need an accountability partner

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2 thoughts on “Accountability partner”

  1. Hi Linda,

    thanks for directing me here. Great post and so great to have your blog set up – aya! I’ve found it fantastic blogging and have met so many people!

    Good luck and I will do a tweet for here – just give me the word. Kesha is great isn’t she?


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